Friday media round-up: 7/19

r kelly

Here’s what the Heave staff has been into this week:

Ben Kessell

Are you part of the PC-Gaming-Master-Race? No? You’re missing out, bro. This entire month is Valve Software’s Steam Summer Sale, and it is a broke gamer’s wet dream. I have purchased four games for myself and three for a friend in two weeks, and I only spent about $40! Every day there is another stupid-low price for some game you wanted but couldn’t afford. If you aren’t into gaming on your computer, you’re lying and I hate you for it. Have a Mac? That’s no longer an excuse. Steam and most of its featured games run on OS X, Linux, and all flavors of Windows. There are several free games to whet your appetite and a horde of games under $10. They’re not all triple-A titles that require a computer more expensive than a car, either. Try Team Fortress 2 for free and then pick up a copy of Poker Night at the Inventory or Torchlight 2.

Tim Munroe

I dunno, I found this video this week somehow, and I’ve watched it like 50 times. There’s no reasoning behind my adoration for the video other than I’m not a huge fan of Garfield, and in fact I really would prefer a world without Garfield. There’s just something about the line “I ate those food” that just destroys me.

William Jones

Like many my age (I assume), I saw the 2007 remake of “3:10 to Yuma” starring Christian Bale and Russell Crowe before I saw the 1957 original starring Van Heflin and Glenn Ford. I did not care for the remake, but I finally got around to watching the original thanks to the Criterion Collection Blu-ray release. And it’s really damn good. Ford steals the show as an infamous outlaw being marched to train headed for prison. Ford’s Ben Wade tries the whole way to manipulate his captor, Helfin’s Dan Evans—a frontier rancher who takes the mission for $200 he desperately needs but sticks with it for reasons much more important. It’s a western with very little action, focusing more on the psychology of its characters, with a level of tension that makes it near-impossible to avert one’s eyes. The only major flaw is that it could have used 10 more minutes to help build one of the key changes so that the finale’s twist does not seem so out of character.

Shelby Shaw

If you think you really understood any of the classics you read in high school, you should check yourself against Sparky Sweets, PhD – the man (doctorate?) behind Thug Notes, which is like the “real talk” of SparkNotes. Not just humorously succinct (it’s a quick summary, so naturally a lot of each novel is left out) but also enlightening to new ways of looking at the texts. Sweets’ “Analysis” in each video will make you realize that if you wrote your high school essays about what he’s talking about, maybe the Ivy Leagues would have let you in.

Trent Zuberi

I’ve begun to watch Lost once again from beginning to end in order to expose a friend to it. Knowing the emotional strain it will put on my life, as it did the first time around,  I still choose this masochistic path.

Meghan Bongartz

Sorry I’m not sorry. Also sorry I’ll never get tired of “Call Me Maybe.”

Dominick Suzanne-Mayer

I’m doing Saturday and Sunday at Pitchfork this weekend (plug time: follow me on Twitter at @HEAVEdom and fellow writer Cory Clifford at @Pinebocks for live coverage throughout the weekend, as well as our daily posts on Heave itself), so I’ve been brushing up on the massive volumes of 2013 music I’ve already fallen behind on. However, in the past 24 hours, I’ve been listening to nothing but R. Kelly. I am seriously so excited you guys.