Friday’s media round-up


Dan Chruscinski

My newest vlogger obsession (in a completely healthy way) is Dan Howell, otherwise known as danisnotonfire. He’s a Brit, he’s funny, he has a hairstyle I want, and he was created to launch a million gifs. His latest video taught me a lesson about saying no to Internet drama. I’m not going to HEED the lesson, but I did at least learn it:

Michael Alexander

My buddy posted this video on his blog a few weeks back, and I laugh every time I see it because it’s hilarious, creepy and endearing wrapped into one. So without further ado: Lionel Richie’s “Hello” video. Enjoy and have a good weekend.

Dominick Mayer

Since Pitchfork is this weekend (plug time: Marissa Morales and I will be there all weekend for Heave, and I’ll be blowing up Twitter via @HEAVEdom), I’ve been listening to a lot of the bands on my schedule that I haven’t heard as much. Easily my biggest surprise over the past week has been Real Estate. I couldn’t get into their 2009 debut to save my life, but their followup record Days, while every bit as airy and arguably insubstantial as its predecessor, delivers some really enjoyable jams.

Mike Haverty

I recently reacquainted myself with the graphic novel The Nightly News by Jonathan Hickman. It’s been referred to as Network joins a Fight Club, which tidily sums up all the media angst, violence, terrorism and identity confusion plots that populate the six chapters. Hickman’s art is almost frameless, instead relying on splash pages and collage to convey a story that sprawls as it spirals into dark, poignant territory. While it does have some flaws in defining characters in both visuals and actions, Nightly News is a book that gets you angry at the world by explaining how easy it is to get someone angry at the world.

Amy Dittmeier
I’m convinced Gotye’s “Somebody That I Use to Know” is the herpes of the music world. It’s everywhere, it’s inescapable, and once you’ve sampled it it’s in your system forever. These guys really capture the infectious, insatiable appetite for that man’s stupid catchy xylophone jamz.

Ben Kessell

In between fits of hysteria and very br00tal x-treme hxc gaming I find myself wondering: Why do fanboys like me feel the need to dress up the things we love? I’m sure you’ve all lost yourself at least once in character creation. Mass Effect is already a mind-boggling success and not to mention rich with it’s own unique brand of lore but still we insist on adding more. As if blowing up your fellow man in a vicious and rather unsportsmanlike manner wasn’t satisfying enough. Now we are doing it with bells on. Have you seen my hats? I have a lot of them. One for every game. Who knows what creates this appetite? Perhaps it was the ravenous pace with which we devoured the content from our favorite? Has it permanently cursed (blessed?) our experience with the need to put a bow on it?

Who cares, this shit is awesome!

Calhoun Kersten

I’ve had about enough of the whole Carly Rae Jepsen craze. Much like the days of Rebecca Black and her auto-tuned pleas for the “freakin’ weekend”, I just never saw its appeal. Not bad enough to be outright hated, but never clever enough to be memorable. It’s just one of those pop culture artifacts that I imagine five years from now, most of us will be wondering if there was a collective lobotomy or something that caused “Call Me Maybe” to get this much radio play. Then Sesame Street came out with this. Now, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sesame Street was on the money with their Mad Men parody and by god, they’ve done it again. Not only is “Share it Maybe” instantly more likable and infinitely more clever, but it’s a legitimately funny video. I just wish someone hadn’t shown it to me when I was writing at the coffee shop… the “laughter at nothing in particular” is awkward enough, but when people catch a glimpse of a grown man watching Sesame Street on his laptop? Yeah, you got some stares. Totally worth it though.

Meghan Bongartz

I haven’t actually seen any of this Monopoly street art in person, but my new goal is to find all of it. I’ve never finished a game of Monopoly in my life, but maybe this will inspire me.

Marissa Morales

This is absolutely hilarious to me and I’ve been watching it on repeat since it emerged from the Interweb’s womb ever since. I’m an avid Golden Girls fan (not even mad about it) and to combine that with the Super Friends well…pure genius.