Heave’s Over: Our favorite TV shows


Welcome to part two of Heave’s Over, our set of staff list pieces leading up to our final day of publication on Friday. Today, our staff gives lists of their top 10 all-time favorite TV shows. Remember: these are all-time favorites, not “best show” lists or whatever. Also, titles aren’t italicized because otherwise everything would be in the font you’re reading now.

Adam Cowden

1) South Park

A lot of people never get past the obscenity of South Park. Which I suppose is understandable, given that we are talking about a show that devoted an entire episode to the the adventures of a rat named Lemmiwinks through the rectum of a flamboyant sex slave. This is a shame, though, because underneath its loud, callous, obscene exterior, South Park is actually an insanely charming, intelligent show with a heart of gold. Don’t believe me? Watch “Kenny Dies,” or “You’re Getting Old.” No other show can make me as giddy or as sincerely reflective as this silly little cartoon. For 17 seasons and counting, it’s made me reflect on the insanity of the world I live in, remember that I could be crushed by a UFO or burned alive by a lit fart at any moment, and most importantly, laugh. And laugh, and laugh…

2) Spongebob Squarepants
3) Family Guy
4) Saturday Night Live
5) Arrested Development
6) The Office (U.S.)
7) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1980-1990s)
8 ) Freaks and Geeks
9) Rugrats
10) The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Anthony Hoffman

1) The Simpsons
2) Saturday Night Live
3) Mystery Science Theater 3000
4) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
5) The Sopranos
6) Mad Men
7) Arrested Development
8 ) In Living Color
9) Community
10) Batman: The Animated Series


Meghan Bongartz

1) Doctor Who
2) Monty Python’s Flying Circus
3) Battlestar Galactica
4) Black Books
5) Red Dwarf
6) Community
7) Sherlock
8 ) Parks and Recreation
9) Top Gear
10) Misfits


Will Schneider

1) Breaking Bad

Game of Thrones is a very close second, and if it keeps up its quality for another couple seasons it may eventually dethrone (ha) Breaking Bad, but for the foreseeable future, this is my number one. I’ve never been as invested in any fictional story as I was in Breaking Bad during its run, and while I’m sad we won’t ever get to follow Walter White ‘s adventures again, I’m glad Vince Gilligan was smart enough to end the show while it was on top. It’s a brilliantly crafted story, and it will continue to be studied long after all of us who watched the original airings have passed. It is the perfect mixture of acting, writing, cinematography, and cultural relevance. Science, bitch!

2) Game of Thrones
3) Curb Your Enthusiasm
4) The Sopranos
5) Arrested Development
6) Parks and Recreation
7) Shameless
8 ) The Office (U.S.)
9) Mad Men
10) Community


Priyu Kulkarni

1) Da Ali G Show
2) The Sopranos
3) Chappelle’s Show
4) Spaced
5) Absolutely Fabulous
6) The Muppet Show
7) Ranma 1/2
8 ) Six Feet Under
9) Roseanne
10) The Osbournes


Marissa Morales

1) The Wire
2) Breaking Bad
3) Golden Girls
4) Grey’s Anatomy
5) Community (We don’t talk about Season 4.)
6) My Mad Fat Diary
7) Parks and Recreation
8 ) Sherlock
9) Arrested Development
10) The IT Crowd

Honorable mentions: Freaks and Geeks, Orphan Black, The West Wing, Call The Midwife, Orange Is The New Black


Frank Macarthy

1) Breaking Bad
2) South Park
3) The Simpsons
4) King of the Hill
5) Game of Thrones
6) Trailer Park Boys
7) It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
8 ) Fawlty Towers
9) Eastbound and Down
10) Sherlock


Matt Brassil

1) The Shield
2) Breaking Bad
3) The Office (U.S.)
4) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
5) Avatar: The Last Airbender
6) Arrested Development
7) 30 Rock
8 ) Lost
9) Battlestar Galactica
10) Tie: Seinfeld/Friends

Honorable mention: Flight of the Conchords


Dominick Suzanne-Mayer

1) Breaking Bad
2) The Venture Bros.
3) Chappelle’s Show
4) Lost
5) Degrassi: The Next Generation
6) Freaks and Geeks
7) Parks and Recreation
8 ) Deadwood
9) Community
10) Arrested Development

Honorable mention: WWE Monday Night Raw. I don’t know if this really counts, but as far as time investment in a TV show goes, I’ve watched this more than everything else on this list combined. So.


Chris Osterndorf

(The following are presented chronologically, without ranking.)

The Twilight Zone
The Simpsons
The Sopranos
The Wire
Arrested Development
Mad Men
Breaking Bad