Saturday’s media round-up


Mike Stern

Carly Rae Jepsen/NIN mash-up: This is either amazing or marks the end of all I hold dear in this world. Not sure which.

Adam Cowden

Vitek – an awesome new band out of Nashville. Here’s one of their awesome music videos:

Ben Kessell

Did you ever play Sim City as a kid? What about Tomb Raider? Guess what? After years of silence, both have given birth to shiny clones. Who cares about the games though, the press surrounding them is hilarious. People are saying Electronic Arts is the devil because they’re forcing you to play with other people (good heavens!) and that Tomb Raider is sexist because she almost gets sexually assaulted in the beginning of the game. What the hell, gamers? You spent years drooling for more and now you’re pissed they gave it to you. Make up your mind.

Josh Watkins

Did ya’ll know about Bookworm on KCRW (LA), hosted by Michael Silverblatt? Homeboy is a prolific reader, and if you visit the station’s website you can listen to interviews with the illest authors all the way since 1989, with many authors coming by three or four different times. David Foster Wallace, William Vollmann, the Oulipo, Don DeLillz, Martin Amis, George Saunders, Edwidge Danticat, Jamaica Kinkade, and Junot Diaz. Oh and like a billion more. These are some of the illest, most engaging interviews I’ve ever listened to, hop to it!

Tim Munroe

This kid has been keeping my attention recently. It’s a shame the NBA instituted the rule about having to go to college for a year. A real shame.

Dominick Mayer

Truly the most hypnotic thing I have ever seen in all my days.

Meghan Bongartz

I stumbled upon Clients from Hell a few days ago and am ashamed of how much time I lost this week to reading it. Sadly, a lot of these stories remind me of interactions with my co-workers.