Tuesday Afternoon Roundtable: Odd Spectators


This week, the Heave staff was asked:

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen an audience member do at a concert/movie/other public event?

Matt Consolazio

When The Dismemberment Plan first reunited and played Philly, a fan came onstage with them and Travis and co. used their guitars to battle him with music.

Chris Osterndorf

One time, I was out at the movies, seeing The Fighter, and this guy tried to start a slow clap at the end…oh wait, that was me.

Amy Dittmeier

The first festival I ever covered for Heave was Summer Camp, a 3-day event in southern Illinois. I was already pretty hesitant about going. The way down I rode in a car full of hippies, who constantly talked about how hard they tripped at some other festival, and about all the psychedelics they were going to do that weekend. Hippies drugged out and dancing is not my scene, but I had faith in the rest of the fest. That is, until I saw a man, totally gone, eating mud outside of the will call booth, noshing on it like it was chocolate pudding. It was gross.

Johnny Coconate

Stand up and scream that the movie is shit. Wait, that was me.

Seetha Sankaranarayan

I saw 311 at an outdoor venue in Cincinnati last summer. A mosh pit, led by this┬áskinny Kevin Bacon look-alike, assembled┬ánear where my friend and I were standing on the lawn. We kept moving backward up the grassy knoll to get out of their way, but the crowd seemed to double in size every few minutes. When the band started playing “Amber” halfway through the set, everyone moshing promptly sat down and shut up. Kevin Bacon even held some girl’s hand. As soon as the song was over they immediately resumed thrashing and wailing.

Calhoun Kersten

Okay, maybe it’s just because emotional displays make me crazy uncomfortable, but I once saw a dude propose to his girlfriend at a Star Wars screening. Weirdest part? She said yes…and yet, I’m still single. Yeah, that one stung a little bit.

Shelby Shaw

This may be cheating for an answer because I did not personally witness what I am about to divulge, but I remember seeing a short interview with Sia on Fuse years ago in which she said she was once at a concert in the middle of a packed crowd and nature was calling her hard – so she turned to everyone around her and said, “OK, I really have to pee and I’m just going to go for it, is that cool?” (or something like that) and they all apparently said yes (or something) and she just took a squat and let the piss run. If I were in her situation, I’d probably do the same, but that doesn’t mean the situation would be any more enjoyable. In fact, it was probably really horrible to have to gather around her puddle for the rest of the show.

Meghan Bongartz

I’m having a hard time recalling anything truly shocking, which I think means I’ve seen too much of the internet. As a general rule, I also find that the things people say and wear at live events are more interesting than the things they do. (Recently overheard: “I can’t punch you in the face because you’re a girl.”) I did see a girl licking one of the balloons that were being passed around over the crowd at North Coast this past weekend, though, and I’m just really not sure what would possess anyone to do that.

Dominick Mayer

Relevant to Meghan’s post: Also at North Coast this past weekend, I saw a gentleman eat mushrooms, pop a couple pills and swig down a water bottle full of what looked like whiskey in rapid succession. He is operating on some level that us mere mortals can never even hope to reach.

  • Bill Jones

    Maybe not weirdest, but because I didn’t make it in time to contribute this week, I figured I’d add this in the comments. I once saw a guy get powerbombed at a show. It was one of the old Q101 Jambories at the First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre/Tweeter Center/New World Music Theater/World Music Theater in Tinley Park, IL. Some dude was crowd surfing and his legs just came at this other dude sort of open. The guy grabbed around the waist (like you would for a powerbomb. The crowd around him just sort of spread, and he slammed the guy on the pavement. Dude just got right back up and went back to moshing, I think to Goldfinger. I just stood there slackjawed for awhile.