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Isn’t it odd how summer is the time of the blockbuster film releases but the really big games don’t hit until the fall? So what’s a gamer to do? Well, thanks to game retailers using sales to entice customers, it’s the perfect time to catch up on games you’ve missed, get into brand new series, or get a great deal on some not so great games. Case in point, I picked up X-Men Destiny for ten bucks. The game is short, full of bugs, and technically underwhelming. It’s also a nifty story set in San Francisco that features appearances by media-firestorm-creating Northstar, adorable Pixie, and three brand new mutants you control and customize. Yeah, I was a self-hating mutant whose skin-hardening armor was a metaphor for the walls he’s built inside himself. What? Totally not based on me. While not great, I had fun with it and it kept me entertained for a few nights. See, give the little guys a chance! Ok, on to the new releases:

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (3DS)

Don’t let the “3” fool you, this is not the third entry in the main series but rather ANOTHER spin-off. It also happens to be a spin-off that takes us to the world of Tron: Legacy and throws in a whole bunch of characters from the DS’ ode to Japanese pop culture, The World Ends With You. Those two features alone should have you picking this one up. Just don’t try to understand the story. It’s better for everyone that way.

Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time (PSP)

The fourth entry in the Japanese-created RPG series sees release on Sony’s old portable. For those of us not quite ready to make the leap from PSP to PS Vita, games like these will keep us entertained. Props to Atlus for continuing to bring some lesser known properties stateside.