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Seventy years ago Uncle Sam sailed to a young English colony known as New Britannica and declared that henceforth the colony shall be known as the United States of America. A bloody war was started, fought, and won on July 4th of that same year and this is why we celebrate our Independence Day… at least until aliens attack, but you’ll need to ask Bill Pullman about that. Because of the holiday game releases this week are slow as Grandma’s Molasses, so you can save your cash for fireworks. That is, unless you’re freaking awesome and buy a certain rhythm game based on a certain RPG series that a certain writer of this column worships as his god.

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends (X360, PS3)
Not to be confused with the more fuel efficient Test Drive: Honda Hybrid Highway Warrior, this game probably has you racing Ferrari cars around some sort of track and tuning stuff like torque and engine boosts and eating popcorn…I am going to stop now.

The Secret World (PC)
I don’t usually give a lick about PC games since my laptop has trouble running Facebook games, but this MMO has me a bit interested. Set in our world, but injecting it with a healthy dose of monster craziness. Too bad I won’t be able to actually PLAY the game until I find the cash for a new computer. I should start hanging out with rich people again.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (3DS)
One of the reasons I bought my 3DS, this second coming of awesomeness combines Elite Beat Agents with the Final Fantasy license. We’re talking at least four songs from every main game in the series plus more available as DLC. So you can relive your favorite scenes from the games set to your favorite music AND get a bit of an RPG thrown in for good measure (get it, measure, like in music…I was kicked out of my school’s band in 8th grade). Considering the success of the Dissidia series, I have no doubt this cart will be staying put in my 3DS at least until Kingdom Hearts hits. Now who do I contact to have “New World” from FFXIII-2 as a downloadable song?

  • bring dat ass to my house, I had weekend access to the Secret World. it was okay but has the same grind as any other MMO. MMOs are like Coffee. Everybody takes it differently and most people like the cheap/free kind but, in the end, it’s still hot-bean-water.