Press Select For Options: 5/29


I’m not saying the gaming industry hates our veterans, but this Memorial Day week seems to support that theory as we’ve got some mighty slim pickings. As a matter of fact, this week’s biggest release isn’t even a new game, but boy is it one hell of a game.


Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition (PS3, X360)

Have you played this game yet? No? Then we’re no longer friends and if we were dating I’d be breaking up with you over this and not because of my own deep seated emotional issues. This edition bundles all the DLC released including the Nightwing and Robin challenge maps, super hip and cool costumes like the Batman Beyond suit and the Catwoman story missions. But what really has my geek briefs in a twist is the inclusion of Harley Quinn’s Revenge, an epilogue to the story that let’s you play as Robin in the main game. Those of you who have played the game know Harley has every right to be pissed at the Bat family so I cannot wait to see this clown princess pushed even further over the edge. Oh, and if, like me, you already own the game, the Harley DLC will be available for ten bucks through the PSN Store or Xbox Live Marketplace.


Sega Vintage Collection: Streets of Rage (X360)

The only thing keeping this collection for a “Marry” is that the Streets of Rage series has been re-released approximately 453 times which includes an appearance on Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, which any Knuckles-tattooed fanboy should have in his collection. Download the games and have yourself a little 16-bit party with a few friends.


Resistance: Burning Skies (Vita)

I keep looking for a reason to pick up a Vita and this game is not swaying me to part with my hard earned rupees. I have always enjoyed the Resistance series but reviews have not been kind to this entry. Developers seem to be running into the problem of not seeing Vita as more than just a portable PS3. Hopefully Gravity Rush‘s release in the coming weeks will change this for the better.

Bonus Game I Can’t Pronounce No Matter How Hard I Try

Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland (PS3)

Even as the poster child for JRPG love I have never gotten into the Atelier series. I know they have a strong focus on item gathering and creation which should appeal to all you loot-hounds. Familiar with the series? Drop me a line on twitter (@gamebaked) and let me know if I should add this, or any other obscure game to my pile.