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After last week’s slow-as-molasses release schedule, we’ve got a handful of quality games to fill those summer nights when that nice Australian girl turns you down because you’re not in a high school gang. Every game is worthy of at least a look so let’s just lock ‘em all in a room together and see who comes out on top. That was a Grease reference earlier…I miss Stockard Channing’s film career…

Lollipop Chainsaw (X360, PS3)

Another zombie game? LAME! A zombie game starring a cheerleader as the protagonist? Where do I sign? Throw in developer Suda-51 and this game is sure to be hilariously insane. Yeah, the review scores probably won’t be super high, but in an age of serious shooters and brutal violence, I want my zombie apocalypse to follow in the footsteps of Night of the Comet.

Gravity Rush (VITA)

Figures, I buy a 3DS and now I want to grab a Vita for this stunningly stylistic game. An action-adventure where gravity (duh) is your tool and on a handheld that hasn’t been feeling the love lately. You won’t find a better match. If you’re on the fence about the Vita, take a gander at a few videos and it just may sway you into a purchase.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (VITA)

While MGS 2 is my favorite of the Metal Gear Solid games, I really can’t justify picking up a collection that only includes two games. Especially when I already have three copies of the game. If you need a portable MGS fix grab Peace Walker. It’s one of the best PSP games available and also included in the PS3/360 Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Still, if you have a VITA and love the series, you’re going to be picking this up with or without my written consent.

Pikmin 2 (WII)

[Insert overused “Dust Of Your Wii” joke here that I guarantee appears on five different gaming sites in reference to this game. Really, people? First off, all my consoles get dusty and I’ll have you know I just played my Wii yesterday. I really need to finish Skyward Sword]. Yeah, it’s a Wii-Make (HA HA!) of the Gamecube version, but it’s an awesome real-time strategy game and it’s only 20 bucks. Grab it now.

Gungnir (PSP)
You had me at tactical RPG. Seriously, handhelds and T-RPG’s go together like oil and whatever oil mixes really well with. Boxed cake mix?

DiRT Showdown (X360, PS3)
A well reviewed racing game. I am soooo out of my element on that one I’m not even going to pretend to care.

  • Cory

    Haha that Wii-Make joke was golden

  • Cory

    Haha that Wii-Make joke was golden