Lollapalooza round-up


It’s only May but Lollapalooza is already on our minds. We give you four of our most anticipated acts from this year’s line-up.


What indie band can say that their love for each other really ties their group together? Where complex relationships are usually why bands break up, Bowerbirds make it the forefront and driving force for their folky sound. Couple Beth Tacular and Phil Moore, the founders of the band, have created an act that merges the sereneness of nature with the emotion that permeates from their unique band set up. Between their impactful lyrics, lush arrangements, and steady sound, Bowerbirds are the perfect midday treat for Lollapalooza.


Lollapalooza has some hip hop powerhouses this year, and Wale is no exception.  2008’s Attention Deficit thrust the DC native into the spotlight, who was well known in the area for his go-go funk influence and strong lyrical delivery. Imagine Wale up on the big stage in August, thumping bass and dropping rhymes to hits like “Slight Work” and “90210,” and you’ve got one hell of a Friday night act.