Friday’s media round-up


Dominick Mayer
I’ve never been as crazy about Common as an MC as my fellow backpackers. Laid-back flow, while I appreciate it, isn’t my particular flavor when it comes to hip-hop; give me the vocal histrionics of a Busta Rhymes or a Lil’ Wayne almost any day. That notwithstanding, Common has put out some awesome music, and leading up to his set at North Coast this weekend, it’s all I’ve been listening to. Just go back to Resurrection, still his best album, and appreciate just how great “I Used To Love H.E.R” really is.

Amy Dittmeier
Given out during their February tour, Glassjaw’s Coloring Book presents a matured Daryl Palumbo that’s thrown away the last couple of years he spent making pop music in Head Automatica and rejoined the rest of his band. The EP is amazing. Their new stuff in general is amazing. It’s everything you loved about 90s hardcore plus something new. It saddens me that I never got the chance to experience Glassjaw in their heyday, but I’m certainly glad I get to experience what they’ve become now. “Miracle in Inches” pushed me through a dull week at work and my manager caught me a couple times mouthing the words and silently bobbing my head at my desk. Good thing she didn’t actually take a listen to the song.