Friday’s link round-up


Hipsters rejoice! The Pitchfork Music Festival announcing new acts including Neko Case and Guided By Voices.  Doctor Who fans get a sneak preview of the new season.   Check this out for a monster movie premise: somehow a piranha and an anaconda got mashed together, birthed a Piranhaconda, and started terrorizing a film set. But will it be better than Mega Shark V. Giant Octopus? The proof to the Creation myth turned out to be just a mud stain.  If I had a dollar for every time that happened. Fucked Up announced their new rock opera album will be out this June.  If you need some new music for your weekend, this week’s Schubas mixtape is done by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and it’s pretty rocking.

And for a throwback, imagine if this product existed.  Every white girl would be able to pop it, all thanks to Bubba Sparxxx.