“New Girl” review: “Sister III”


The Abby and Schmidt live-in relationship ended about as soon as it started. Not that I expected it to last forever, with Linda Cardellini not a regular and all the unresolved CeCe stuff. The foundation was built on the most horniest of impulses, and Abby was so unpredictable and intentions so unclear that only the vulnerable Schmidt was stunned by her abrupt move back to her mom’s place. This is probably the only show that could make me feel sorry for a guy who arranges his apartment furniture by sex position.

Jess getting jealous of how quickly Abby and Schmidt moved in together and their (abundant) lack of boundaries as a couple provided some initial laughs as she and Nick try to share a bedroom. Nick wanting his personal space and taking issue with getting dressed in front of Jess is appropriately typical Nick. Kind of odd though we’re just now seeing him in his night gown, uh, long shirt. Plus, you’d figure Jess would’ve seen Nick’s “hippy cult leader feet” after sleeping with him several times at this point.

Sometimes I feel like the show is going down a check list of relationship issues couple face when it comes to the Nick and Jess story line. It works sometimes and doesn’t others. Their realization that they need personalize space and don’t have to be together 24/7 mostly worked. But their foray into bedroom sharing only revealed how much more of an unorthodox weirdo Nick can be. His gripe over Jess’ book light pales in comparison to her unease at his aforementioned bed attire, dirty feet, and how he oddly prepares his side of the bed before sleeping. It did give us a funny little montage of Jess enjoying privacy ordering porn, room service, and prancing in a hotel room Abby and Schmidt booked after she resorts to reading books in the building elevator.

Winston was stuck in a dopey story involving the threat of being pantsed using the playground rings at physical training in his quest to join the L.A.P.D. So that happened. He did turn Jess’ bedroom into a workout room briefly and spotted her in the hotel lobby to speed up the Nick/Jess bedroom conclusion. Winston’s pretty much the incompetent, comic relief of the show, with varying degrees of success – depends on how good Lamorne Morris’ improv was in the episode.

The show has either been playing it close to the vest or have seriously decided to keep CeCe and Schmidt just friends. She friend-zoned Coach’s attempt to make Schmidt see the light about the troublesome Abby, and came up empty when they tailed her to a bad neighborhood where she went to buy cheap slippers. CeCe’s concern for Schmidt not getting hurt gives a slight hint they will probably hook back up, especially with him single again and back in the loft with Coach, Jess, and Nick.

It was a good conclusion to the three episode arc for Cardellini. Jess telling Abby that she admires and envies her bravery of how she goes about things was a nice sibling moment and also went a long way in Abby getting the respect she wanted from Jess. It was a great character study where we saw Abby go from very rough around the edges in “Sister” to being a little bit more responsible in “Sister III.” The heavier stuff Cardellini handled with Abby was just as impression as the free for all, crazy stuff like car humping or Schmidt humping. Hopefully this won’t be the last we see of her on New Girl.