“New Girl” review: “Sister II”


Jess’ sister is starting to mark her territory in the loft. She and CeCe (in the latter’s only appearance) set the gears in motion to find Abby a new place in L.A. after walking in on some fun, but dangerous, knife tossing with the boys on the apartment ceiling. It would appear everyone’s having fun with her but Jess.

As a fan of the late, great Freaks and Geeks, it’s been fun having Linda Cardellini around, if only to give us more of a glimpse at Jess’ childhood and kooky family. I like the sisters’ relationship not just for the moments when Jess has to worry about Abby’s chaos (she’s wanted in Canada!), but for the less silly, real moments like the stuff about them as kids, Abby’s hurt after figuring out Jess sent Nick to babysit her at the car museum, and after Jess finally tells her what a selfish mess she is at the end of the episode. She has her issues, but she’s not just some one-dimensional crazy person and that can be attributed to Cardellini’s performance. With Abby moving in with Schmidt, it remains to be seen how much more trouble she can cause to irritate Jess.

Nick continues to be the good boyfriend by trying to contain Abby as best he can. I keep thinking that she’ll eventually try to put the moves on Nick to really cause some trouble, but the writer’s don’t appear to be going hard in that direction, thankfully. Plus, Jess does get in on the “sky knife” fun with Nick in the bedroom at the end. And it only makes sense for noted man-whore Schmidt to hook up with the wilder Day sister. His penchant for unique sex positions and her irresponsible, self-destructive personality is good for some fun (them role-playing as Nick and Jess being a good, perverted example). Next week’s “Sister III” will show us how much Abby even Schmidt can handle. I’m guessing probably not very much.

She does cause a little trouble with Winston when she worries him about his police exam results by telling him how life-changing it will be (and stealing his bagel). After ruining Coach’s shot with a sexy client (we finally see Coach at work!), the personal trainer tells him he failed the exam.

There was some good character development going on with the Winston portion of the episode. It seemed like a few shows back when he decided to be a cop, the ever-confused Winston had his life sort of on track, and it’s nice to see that his road won’t be too easy. The job interview at the cafe was very funny. Two-sided job applications are arguably his greatest weakness, not perfectionism. Winston coming to grips with being a 31-year-old failure with no career provided a nice moment for Coach to pick up his friend at his lowest moment. It was nice to see an example of theses two actually being supportive friends, even though Winston forgot his online police test wasn’t two-sided as well. He’s good at being a failure.