Monday Morning Roundtable: Global Warming

global warming

This week, the Heave staff was asked:

It’s eerily warm in Chicago given the time of year. What are you doing to stop global warming?

Jonathan Mondragon

We have a recycling bin, fluorescent bulbs and my dad drives a hybrid. And I got him the DVD of An Inconvenient Truth for Christmas last year.

Nico Lang

Farting. A lot. Call me a one-man space heater. You’re welcome, Earth.

Josh Watkins

Definitely masturbating less frequently.

Cory Clifford

I don’t think it’s stoppable. But to ease the process…Chuck Norris.

Quinn McGee

I’m spraying aerosol products into the air, because they always come out cold. If you can spray something colder into the air, it makes everything a little colder, right? Also I’m using my freezer to make ice cubes that I’m throwing directly into the lake. Maybe cooling the lake will fix everything. Sure, people stare at the unbathed man throwing ice in the lake, spraying Lysol into the air and yelling “Fuck off sunlight!,” but what are they doing?

Amy Dittmeier

This is really lame, but one of my New Years resolutions is to be more sustainable in my eating habits. Making things when I want them, shopping local, eating all the food in my fridge without it turning into a weird mossy growth. All that hippie green shit.

Meghan Bongartz

Don’t get me started on this; I coordinated the environmental group at my college for three years. I reuse what I can and recycle what I can’t (and try to compost, but that’s hard in the city), set the heat to “frigid” at night, unplug my electronics while I’m not using them and purchase low-impact foods and other products as much as possible. I also bike, walk and use public transit instead of driving, although admittedly this is partially just because I’m poor. And I will talk about climate science to anyone who will listen to me, but somehow no one ever actually asks me for that.

Chris Osterndorf

I don’t know, man. Everyone in L.A. right now is talking about how cold it is, so global warming can go fuck itself in general.

Dominick Mayer

Al Gore and I are going to team up like Captain Planet and his scruffy, unshaven sidekick in order to fight off global warming, which I tend to imagine as a Mothra-like beast whenever I start thinking about it. He just doesn’t know it yet.

  • klem

    To stop global warming I just cut all the trees down behind my house, this way they don’t warm up in the spring, that will help with the global warming. I’ve also begun driving a new pickup truck, my old one was smelly and this can’t be good for the planet. I also started heating my pool so I can swim in it in the winter time, this way I don’t have to shower once a month anymore, so I can tell my wife to SHUT UP ABOUT THE SHOWER THING ALREADY!!!