Friday’s media round-up


Ben Kessell

“Film Drunk: Hot girls pandering to nerds”

Hot girls? Pandering to me?! WHO THE FUCK CARES, MEGAN FOX KNOWS ABOUT WITCHBLADE! We’re one step closer to getting those pouty lips and thick hips into a metal bikini. Chances are, you’ve tried to cyber with Mila Kunis when you were trading in Ogrimmar, too. Don’t pretend that you’re too good for girls who give themselves the title with only a few requirements met. I can hear your erection from here, dude. Your outrage fools NO ONE.

Meghan Bongartz

The only thing I care about in the world right now is that Doctor Who is back on television. Last week’s episode was called “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” and this week looks like it’ll more or less be the British television version of Cowboys & Aliens, so I’m a very happy girl.

Shelby Shaw

My mother had one of our cats taxidermied after it died, but we never kept it “on display.” Luckily, there happens to be something less morbid and actually worth showing off in the realm of stuffed animals – Aimée Baldwin’s Vegan Taxidermy out of Berkeley. You don’t have to be a seitan-scarfing PETA-devotee to appreciate the lady’s work (check out her Etsy shop), since her pieces are more like beautifully handcrafted sculptures. “I have chosen to make work that does not lend itself well to mass production. It is a very slow process, taking me an average of about a week per bird. This makes it difficult to make a living from it, but it also hopefully means that I am not creating work that will end up in a landfill within a few years,” she says on Design Sponge. I can respect that.

Seetha Sankaranarayan
I got this as a forwarded email with the subject line, “How women burn calories in France”:

I’m really curious as to whether it arose organically, like a pseudo-flashmob type thing, or if it was all scripted. It would be a blast to encounter something like this in your city.

Amy Dittmeier

I’ve been reading Marc Spitz’s biography on David Bowie (simply entitled Bowie), and therefore have been listening to the Thin White Duke’s entire discography. I have to say, the music video for “China Girl” is a favorite. Mostly because of Bowie’s inappropriate antics: