Pocket Protectors: Jimmy and Ashley of Feast of Fiction


Whoa this isn’t comic books, what the blazes is going on?! Pocket Protectors is branching out my friends, and on our first non-comic book episode we have Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams from Feast of Fiction. Feast of Fiction is this fantastic video cooking show that takes all the delicious foods from TV, literature, and video games and makes them real in under five minutes. Want to see how 11’s fish fingers and custard would taste? They’ve done it. Thought that lamb stew from The Hunger Games sounded tasty? Go make it! We talked to Jimmy and Ashley about how Feast of Fiction started, where they pull cooking inspiration from, and how the hell to make Coca Cola.

You can watch all of Feast of Fiction’s videos on their YouTube page. If you want to see some of Ashley’s cakes that we mention in the podcast, check out her personal blog here. And the Adventure Time recipe we talk about? They did it! Watch Jimmy and Ashley’s video about the Everything Burrito below: