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Thanks to a small shipping hiccup I’m just starting to get into Persona 4 Arena and it is…unique. Aside from illustrating beautifully to me that I am complete crap at fighting games, the game has an incredibly deep and wordy story that I am quite enjoying. I almost wish it was all story so I didn’t have to¬†embarrass¬†myself flailing through the fights. The plan is to get better, but those beautiful visuals make it easier to watch my ass get delivered to me time and again. Sadly, my plate is about to get way more crowded as three games hit this week that are all of some interest to me. Maybe I can call off work…or get myself fired.

The Last Story (Wii)

They said it wouldn’t be localized, they said the Wii was too late in its life-cycle for a game like The Last Story. They. Were. Wrong. Developed by Hironobu Sakaguchi with music by Nobuo Uematsu, this action-RPG should have the attention of every old-school lover of the genre, and those looking for some adventuring goodness to tide them over until the Wii U hits. Paired with Xenoblade Chronicles from earlier this year, The Last Story is not to be missed.

Sleeping Dogs (PS3, Xbox 360)

You know what’s better than watching a Hong Kong action flick? Living one! Since that’s not really possible, dear reader, might I suggest picking up Sleeping Dogs, which will take you as close as you can get to living the dream. Open world gameplay and a focus on martial arts has me getting a Yakuza vibe, and that is a good thing. Hopefully the game will stay true to its roots and not veer into GTA territory. Also, The Raid: Redemption hits DVD this week. Synergy!

Darksiders II (PS3, X360)

You are Death and it is the apocalypse. Need I say more? Aside from invoking images in geekdom of a certain winged X-Man, this sequel to the sleeper hit features more Zelda-inspired gameplay melded to the designs of comic-arstist Joe Madureira. I never picked up the original, but it’s relatively cheap so I may grab ’em both and ring in the end of the world in style.