Monday Afternoon Roundtable: Summer Heat


This week, the Heave staff was asked:

What’s your favorite way to avoid the summer heat?

Robert Watkins

No clothes, no covers, just oscillating fans and high doses of water. Recommended: sleeping late, porch-drinking after dark, moving from North Carolina, summerjamz, challenging books.

Rachel Angres

Embrace it.

Chris Osterndorf

I try to spend as much of the summer as possible in air-conditioned movie theatres. Sorry, I was never much of an outdoor kid.

Shelby Shaw

Armed with a massive picnic basket I picked up from Brown Elephant (for roughly $4) and my long-overdue knowledge of how to get from inland Lake Shore Drive to the water side, I’ll be marching out there leisurely in search of the coolest shade spot, bringing heavy thermos(es?) of extra-iced green tea daily. Not to mention jars of homemade sorbet and a grand-diameter sun hat.

Quinn McGee

Margaritas are a great way to avoid summer heat, since I have a great recipe for them.

Dan Chruscinski

I currently have a DVR hovering at around 98% full, which means I won’t have to experience the effects of global warming until at least mid-August. My summer will be spent in the cold darkness of my basement catching up on shows I got too busy to keep up with, and experiencing new programs I forgot I ever had an interest in. Most excited to finally check out The Playboy Club. Fingers crossed it doesn’t peter out halfway though the season!

Amy Dittmeier

Avoid summer heat? Why would I want to avoid it?! My island blood craves hot weather and blazing heat. The sun gives me my powers.

Michael Alexander

My favorite way to avoid the heat is going to the movie theater. Popcorn, red frozen treats, air conditioning and an interesting film is my secret formula during the summer months.

Meghan Bongartz

I actually really love hot weather, and can be found happily putting miles on my running shoes when it’s 95 degrees out. When sweating the heat away fails, though, I follow my runs with frozen Gatorade and cold showers, and then try to convince everyone I know that nudity should be more socially acceptable.

Dominick Mayer

I couldn’t hear the question over the sound of my bank account draining, as I’m presently buying every possible ticket for The Dark Knight Rises for each showing for the first two weeks.