Blur reunion in 2011?


Let the Coachella/Bonnaroo/Lollapalooza speculation commence. According to NME, former Blur drummer Dave Rowntree has said that the band are in talks to reunite in the coming year. However, he mentioned that “though the band are ‘in touch’ they’ve got no ‘concrete plans’.” As far as recorded material, nothing’s been said on that front.

This follows Damon Albarn’s declaration that the band were reuniting from late last year, but Rowntree has stated that playing the festival circuit in the UK or elsewhere would be unlikely, because “you can’t really play the festivals or try and get a big tour together until you release something.” We’ll be following this one as more comes out.

As a reminder, “Song 2”:

  • Iam

    Sorry, but the drummers name is Dave Rowntree 😛