Business Casual Superstar: Inspired by Lucille Bluth (“Arrested Development”)

I’m still totally bitter about Arrested Development being canceled after only three years. The show managed to wrap everything up really nicely in the limited time it had once it was announced that cancellation was imminent (and the Saddam Hussein episode was one of my favorites), but still.

However, I’m really happy that there’s going to be a movie, as is, I’m sure, Michael Cera. He was originally a total dream-killer and thought he was too big to do the AD movie. He was busy being the Canadian Hipster King (ugh), and basically playing an older, more profane version of George Michael in his movies (Superbad, Scott Pilgrim, Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist). But he didn’t take off the way he thought he would, because everyone kind of figured out that he was playing the same character over and over in all of his movies and apparently only Jennifer Aniston is allowed to do that, so interest fizzled.

And now, Former Dream Killer Michael Cera is probably really happy about the Arrested Development because he can take America back to his roots and remind us why we loved him from the start as sweet, adorably awkward George Michael.

But this post isn’t about George Michael. It’s about that fierce bitch, Lucille, or as George Michael and Maeby call her, “Gangy.” Love it.

Lucille is the queen bee and is terrible and horrifying and racist and beautiful and amazing.

Lucille even made it into Forbes Magazine’s Fictional 15, a list of fiction’s richest characters, along with the likes of Jay Gatsby, Carlisle Cullen (ugh), and C. Montgomery Burns.

Her amazing facial expressions have also led to a comparison between her and another….interesting female character that I wish was fictional, and really, might as well be if we’re talking about the Insanity Quotient there.

See what I mean? Lucille always has this way of winking that is so exaggerated and comical and just comes at the worst, most inappropriate moments (so the Sarah Palin comparison is justified) and her middle son Michael is always SO DISGUSTED when she winks at him that way after dropping some mad innuendo about her and her husband, George Senior. Michael always ends up bemoaning the fact that he eats breakfast before he drops by his parents’ penthouse.

I found a great animation of that moment – trust me, it’s even more hilarious in motion.

Oh, God, Michael officially hates everything after that little wink. Not that something like that is going to deter Lucille, the original HBIC. (Head Bitch In Charge, in fandom!speak.)

Let’s get to the clothes. Lucille’s outfits are always old-woman-hilarious. Like, she dresses all rich and proper and elegant, but there’s always something so funny about her outfits. Like, she’ll wear this beautiful suit and look so put together and elegant….and then she has a pinwheel brooch that’s all shiny and gold and looks absolutely hilarious.

Let’s see what I did – even though I toned down the hilarity. (This outfit is more for the LOLz. I highly doubt many of you out there would wear it. Hahaha.)

Delphine Murat Skirt in Blue ………. $30
Preston & York Debbie Jacket ………. $29.70
Sleeveless Cotton Top in Ebony Black ………. $9.99
Frenchman Pump in Black ………. $24.94

I matched this black and blue jacket with a blue knee-length skirt. Lucille would obviously pick a skirt suit where the top and bottom were made of the same fabric, but Lucille also wouldn’t be working with a $100 budget, so bite me, all of you. >:(

I threw in these black strappy sandals, even though I would have preferred sling-backs, but again, the budget was my main concern and it’s hard to find slingbacks for $25 that aren’t butt-ugly-pug-fugly. Really. True story.

And there we have a Lucille-Bluth-approved outfit under $100. For other business casual, work-appropriate outfits that won’t break the bank, be sure to check out my blog, The Reasonably Prudent Law Student!

Nothing more to see here, so get out.