Friday media round-up: 11/1

troll 1

Here’s what the Heave staff has been into this week!

Trent Zuberi

This week I’ve had to, one more than one occasion, prove my claim of knowing whole episodes of Saved by the Bell word for word. Once again the doubters all fell victim to my ways. Several episodes, word for word, even the Tori years.

Anthony Hoffman

Okay. So when the inevitable X-Men reboot X-Men: First Class entered theaters a few years back, I wasn’t all that psyched. The aftertaste of seeing the Brett Ratner-directed X3 and the turgid X-Men Origins: Wolverine was very much of the fecal variety. I saw the movie (directed by Matthew Vaughn) and it was decent enough. Not great. Decent. Loved the Fassbender/McAvoy chemistry, time period, J-Law as Mystique, etc.

So when the inevitable sequel was greenlit, my level of anticipation rose to mildly interested, I guess.

Then I saw this trailer. And now I want to see this movie. Now. Today. Immediately.

I am easily swayed by dramatic scores, fade cuts and action scenes.

Thank you.


Dominick Suzanne-Mayer

In honor of Halloween, last night I revisited Best Worst Movie, a documentary about the cult phenomenon behind Troll 2. And it’s still wonderful. It touches on not only the origins of one of the most inexplicable movies of the past fifty years, but also the fleeting nature of cult fandom and the distinction lines between genuinely loving a piece of shit and laughing at a piece of shit. It’s on Netflix Instant, so give it a shot.