Monday Afternoon Roundtable: Childhood obsessions

brave little toaster

This week, the Heave staff was asked:

What was the thing you couldn’t stop watching or listening to as a kid, and has it held up as you’ve gotten older?

Adam Cowden

Sonic the Hedgehog. Couldn’t stop watching the show, couldn’t stop playing the games. But I never beat them. I recently went and downloaded them on Xbox Live and pWned them with my 23-year-old skills, and it felt like conquering a lifelong demon.

Ben Kessell

I could never get enough of Whose Line Is It Anyway? I made a point of being glued to the TV set when it was on. I’d laugh so hard that my mom would threaten to block the show. I finally caught an episode of Aisha Tyler’s incarnation and it passes muster. I was crying last night, dear readers. Tears of laughter.

Josh Watkins

The Brave Little Toaster was my most-rented VHS as a three-and-four year old. I tried to watch it last year and got 20 minutes in before falling into a depression-coma. The dark moments in Toaster make Pixar look like Raffi.

Chloe Stagaman

As a child, I never stopped listening to Tracy Chapman. SO MUCH Tracy Chapman. I had a little handheld cassette player with a microphone, and for my third birthday my godfather bought me her self-titled album. I could sing every word of every song on that cassette tape. I still can, and do.

Trent Zuberi

Hands down, without a doubt, I can watch Saved by the Bell at any given time and still enjoy it like it’s the first time I’m seeing it.

Dominick Suzanne-Mayer

I’ll skip the obvious one, seeing as I’m one of Heave’s two wrestling columnists and I still watch/discuss/irritate my girlfriend with it as much now as I did 10-15 years ago. As far as things that have not aged well with time, I did an exercise two summers ago where I re-watched all of my most heavily rotated VHS family movies to see how they’d gotten on over time. The Pagemaster is kind of creepy now, The Little Rascals I begrudgingly love inasmuch as it’s an entire screenplay written out of dumb puns and I respect that, and The Lion King is pretty much unwatchable once you’ve done a media studies grad school program. The inherent sweetness and the total racism just exist in endless conflict.