Die Curious Chapter 2: Thrones of syrup and D’Angelo


Welcome to Die Curious – HEAVEmedia’s podcast about Dungeons & Dragons. Follow Amy (Heave’s music editor), Dominick (Features editor, host of Pod People), and Quinn (Rambling Dispatches) as they embark through Dungeon Master Ben’s demented catacombs of doom.

On Chapter two: We accompany Hypatia (Amy), Hansel (Quinn), and Platagh (Dominick) further into the dungeon, Dungeon Master Ben gives us a little more information about the setting of our campaign, and we talk about D’Angelo. A lot.

If you’re wondering what br00tal tunes we used during this episode, it’s Pomegranate Tiger. Check out their Bandcamp page for more music.

  • This is the best podcast I’ve ever heard. Keep it up, Ben!.