Monday Afternoon Roundtable: Write-In Candidates


This week, the Heave staff was asked:

Imagine that you’re barred from voting for any candidate on the ballot tomorrow. Who’s your write-in candidate of choice?

Calhoun Kersten

Hil-Dawg. I’ve always been a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton. Plus, I’m a firm believer that there need to be more pantsuits in the White House.

Tim Munroe


Amy Dittmeier

Optimus Prime. If I can’t vote, I’m not voting human.

Joe Anderson

I was a big fan of the niche popularity of Lizard Man as a write-in candidate in 2008, so probably that.

Chris Osterndorf

Stewart/Colbert, all the way.

Marissa Morales

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I mean, obvi.

Cory Clifford

Matt Romney.

Josh Watkins

Donkey Kong, but only for his sick percussion wizardry.

Johnny Coconate

Batman. That’s pretty much my answer for everything.

Seetha Sankaranarayan

Seeing Bill Clinton on TV again in recent months has been just so nice. If he could serve a third term, I’d vote for him for sure. It would also be really interesting to see what Bill Maher would do in office. Either Bill is good with me.

Meghan Bongartz

My initial thought in response to this was Tina Fey, and after thinking it over for about five minutes (because elections are a big deal and you should never vote for someone on a whim), I’m sticking with that. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who would tell me that this is a bad idea.

Ben Kessell

Batman. Always vote for justice.

Dominick Mayer

The constituted dark void between space and time. I feel like that’s as far as I can possibly get away from Mitt Romney.

  • Andrew C

    Mayor McCheese