Friday’s media round-up


Ben Kessell

Author Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash, Reamde) did an awesome interview on The Verge.

Calhoun Kersten

Without getting too preachy, the disturbing rhetoric of Akin has been on my mind recently. Partially because of the sheer “what the fuck-ery” of his comments, but also because with political races heating up throughout the country, politicians can be made or broken through the world of social media. While no good can ever come from the ignorance of Akin, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself when I came across this little gem.

Matt Consolazio

This Advertising Life – Any creative/advertising person will love this tumblr.  It’s one of those GPOY gif tumblrs, but dear God, I laughed for hours.

Patrick McGee

So “Lights” is one of those guilty pleasure songs that I sing at the top of my lungs and have no clue what the song even means. Since I can pretty much promise you don’t want to see a Risky Business rendition of that song, here is a version by a guy called Peter Hollens. He does every part of the music and singing entirely with his own voice and a huge number of tracks. Anyways, this song also features Eppic, a pretty awesome rapper on the YouYubes. These two artists are too good for me to not share so if you haven’t already heard of either of these two, enjoy.

Michael Alexander

I found this article on Aljazeera about the struggle to find work after graduating from college. This is a depressing and eye opening piece.

Cory Clifford

Well, my friends and I were watching YouTube videos the other day, and we were reminded about how much we loved Turquoise Jeep Records videos about a year or so ago. “Go Grab My Belt” by Slick Mahoney, was always my favorite:

Bill Jones

It has been all about Papa & Yo, a PlayStation Network exclusive game, for me this week. The game has a few technical hiccups, but the story plays out like a fantasy memoir that hits much closer to reality. It is about a boy and his symbiotic relationship with a monster. But when the monster eats frogs, it sends him into an uncontrollable rage, causing destruction as well as harm to the child. Except, the story is really about the game’s creator, Vander Caballero, and the troubled relationship he had with his father, who apparently drank too much. Yeah, kind of heavy and ultimately sort of depressing, but what an incredible piece of art and another interesting step forward for games.

Dominick Mayer

This goddamn thing has been stuck in my head for three straight days now.

Seetha Sankaranarayan

One of my good friend’s from college tweeted a link to a ridiculous Freedom of Information Act request. In short, some Reddit users would really like to get their hands on the White House beer recipe. President Obama has been getting into home brewing lately (though apparently the White House kitchen staff actually does the mixing work) and even shared the POTUS potion with voters on the campaign trail. The individuals filing the request claim that “disclosure of the requested information is in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations of activities of the government.” …Yes, this knowledge is super important to the people’s understanding of how to get White House Wasted.