Friday’s media round-up


Patrick McGee

Now I am not a huge fan of One Direction, but this arrangement is awesome. Also, The Piano Guys is a channel to subscribe to for sure.

Cory Clifford

This week I watched the surprisingly awesome hockey flick, Goon. The movie’s about an impossibly nice (and sort of slow) guy who gets drafted into a Canadian Hockey league after beating up a hockey player for using a slur against homosexuals. Next thing you know, he’s the biggest and baddest bruiser in the league, but he’s still the nice guy off the rink. Here’s a really awesome fight between him and Liev Schreiber’s character:

Amy Dittmeier

I recently bought both of Kate Beaton’s books (and a print too) from her web comic Hark! A Vagrant and have been laughing at historical/literary jokes all week, specifically this one (look at the guy’s face!):

Meghan Bongartz

Apparently The Baseballs have been around for a few years, but I just found out about them. They do 1950s rock covers of modern pop songs, and have further confirmed my belief that every version of “Umbrella” is better than Rihanna’s. I know I’m alone on that one, but I give no fucks. They’ve also covered “Call Me Maybe,” but I’m going to use all my self-restraint and not push that on you. (I have no self-restraint; it’s here:)

Dominick Mayer

I have all the feelings on the subject of The Dark Knight Rises. (Review coming later today). I also won’t discuss them, because the internet might start hitting me with a bag of heavy rocks. All I know is that when a midnight show gets out after 3 a.m., by the time I get home I’ll sleep more soundly than I have in months. Thanks, Batman!