Sandro Perri and DFA collaborate, recreate ‘Impossible Spaces’


Sandro Perri has been quietly making music for more than a decade. His track record spans three labels, two stage names (his birth name, Sandro Perri, in addition to Polmo Polpo, a phrase that roughly translates to “octopus lung” in Italian), and nine solo releases. Despite the breadth of his solo catalogue, Perri often can be heard in collaborations. He is currently in the process of working with fellow Canadian musicians Christine Fellows and John K. Samson, who are scoring a short film about Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula National Park.

It started in 99 with his release of a 12″ under the name Polmo Polpo. Working with legendary producer Joe Meek and the techno label Basic Channel, the sounds were elaborate and timeless; Since then Perri released four more Polmo Polpo records under his label, Audi Sensa. In 2006, Perri began performing under his own name, recording and reconstructing the project called Sandro Perri Plays Polmo Polpo, a record that incorporated more vocals, producing a gentle lullaby-like harmony cohesive to his signature electro-acoustic instrumentation. More surprising, however, were Perri’s plainspoken vocals, which graced these vivid re-envisioning of what were once instrumental tracks. Perri released Tiny Mirrors, his first full-length recording under his given name, in 2007. More often now he frequently collaborates with other bands and artists such as the Great Lake Swimmers, Glissandro 70 with Craig Dunsmuir, and working with the production of names such as Steven Malkmus and Grizzly Bear’s Owen Pallat. Amid constant touring, collaboration and the like, Perri slowly pieced together his second proper full-length, 2011’s gently beautiful Impossible Spaces.

Following the release, put out on Constellation Records at the time, DFA took the initiative to release the Changes/Love & Light Remixes EP, which features the two tracks off Impossible Spaces remixed and collaboration with venerable artists including Zongamin, Mickey Moonlight, Eluvium, and Max Gross (Glissandro 70).

The Changes/Love & Light Remixes EP is a great addition and extension of the Impossible Spaces familiarity not to mention an exquisite tactic to revisit these noteworthy tracks. Sandro Perri and DFA have long been seeking a project to create together; this release seemed like a perfect place to begin. Perri collaborates with several other musicians, recording and mixing from one studio and mastering it back at his own studio built in his home. “It’s small, it’s moderate. It is more a mixing and production studio,” Perri said. But it is likely he is being quite demure when saying this obvious understatement.

Perri performs live on June 24, 2012 with Chicago-based Destroyer at the Metro. Tickets are available online through