Friday’s media round-up


Amy Dittmeier

Did you ever imagine hearing Neutral Milk Hotel’s In the Aeroplane Over the Sea mashed up to rap music? No? Well now you can, because that shit happened and it’s actually good.

Michael Alexander

I found a new blog on Tumblr where random letters are crafted seeking advice, wisdom and compassion from the beloved Dr. Phil. There are some pretty funny letters in there, enjoy.

Bill Jones

AMC TV – So, I’m woefully behind on these two shows, but I finally got around to watching The Killing Season One on Blu-ray. I didn’t care for it much, but it captured my attention enough, apparently, to get me to power through it in the last week. The political and police crossover reminds me too much of The Wire, while not handling it nearly as well, and the “justice” the dad tries to carry out on his own reminds me of a watered-down version of Mystic River. Basically, the show reminds me of a lot of other things that were done better the first time around, and I don’t think Mireille Enos shows much in the way of emotion.
On the flip side, I’m finally almost caught up with Mad Men. I finished Season Four, and I’m four episodes into Season Five. Is it me, or was the start of Season Five a hell of a lot funnier than the show has ever been? Roger Sterling, in particular, has had some gems.

Cory Clifford

Well, the season premiere of Workaholics was on Tuesday. And after a night of first acid-trips gets delayed due to a business function; the gang brings the psychedelia to the function’s hotel, and manage to get Telamericorp’s preferred venture capitalist to trip with them.

Josh Watkins

200 pages in and Adam Levin’s debut tome The Instructions is already one of the most endearing reads I’ve tackled. Precocious Gurion ben-Judah Macabee – who may or may not be the Messiah – has scrawled out a scripture analyzing his time in The Cage, a section of his school for children with behavioral disorders. Violent, cerebral, laugh-out-loud funny, The Instructions is so far a wonderful journey leading up to Gurion’s uprising and revolution in The Cage. Recommended if you like reading thousand-pagers to pass time in the summer.

John Franklin Dandridge

I thought it would take at least a decade before I would go back and watch Lost again. It did not take that long. All the magic and naivete of Season One is still there. The simplicity, the brilliance of the show before it all fell apart is stronger the second time around. And while Season One makes promises I know it won’t keep, I’m going to believe them anyway. It’s impossible for Lost to let me down twice.

Dan Chruscinski

Did you know the Triforce itself actually appeared at one point on Ocarina of Time and that there was going to be an Akira game for SNES? I’ve found all this out by spending hours on Unseen64, a dumping ground (of love) featuring pics and vids of cancelled and early game builds. Check out screens of Harker, which looked suh-weet!