Monday Morning Rountable: Warmth!

sad light therapy

Warm weather has finally invaded Chicago, so Heave’s staff is here to consider:

What’s the first thing you do when it gets warm outside?

Marissa Morales

Go for the longest walk, make a summer playlist like I’m 16 and drink beer on a porch. I’m a simple lady.

Patrick Gill

Put on the self-hemmed jorts, get a huge iced coffee, go to the park and read. Yup, that hip.

Amy Dittmeier

As I’m currently in Austin right now, I don’t quite feel I am in the real world and am looking forward to coming back to Chicago, where people aren’t nice to me all the time. To celebrate coming back to the Midwest, which is giving us some fine, fine weather, I plan on hitting up Wicker Park (the actual park) with a book in hand and lounging until someone pees in the fountain.

Nico Lang

Start fucking in public.

Dominick Mayer

In no particular order: Dairy Queen, malt liquor, my annual attempts to re-learn how to skateboard, fireworks. I sound like a 15-year-old mallrat.