Pocket Protectors: Comics and Psychology

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On this episode of Pocket Protectors – Comics have this bad rap of being superficial pieces of paper, bound together with superhero tights and violence. However if any of the people who say these things actual read a comic they would quickly realize that there’s more beyond the cape. Patrick O’Connor is a person that seeks to show others the light. Patrick practices psychology at Southeast Psych in Charlotte, North Carolina. He developed an amazing concept called Comicspedia, which is a database that features specific comic books and story arcs that can help therapists better connect with their patients. We spoke to Patrick about how he developed this unique concept and picked his brain about which comics inspired Comicspedia.

Pocket Protectors: Interview with Patrick O’Connor of Comicspedia by HEAVEmedia

You can learn more about Comicspedia and how to apply it to your own therapy practice on the official site, Twitter, and Facebook. The image above is from Mark Waid’s Irredeemable, which is a comics Patrick talks about in the podcast and which I have become highly addicted to.