Tuesday Morning Roundtable: Holiday eats


This week, the Heave staff was asked:

What’s your favorite holiday meal/drink?

Amy Dittmeier

My dad always makes breakfast on Christmas morning – german sausages, scrambled eggs, and a bagel. Couple that with some hot cocoa with a peppermint stick in it and I’m good to go.

Nick Lang

Other than the awkward silences shared to Dr. Demento classics, the one thing I look forward to every year is my grandmother’s cherry cheesecake. I’m extremely, extremely lactose intolerant, and I have a fist full of lactase in hand waiting every year for that shit. Not only is it injected with the love of all things wonderful, but it’s also doubly special because this cheesecake is the one good things she cooks. She basically raised me, and it’s validation for all the years I had to spend eating her cream of mushroom meatloaf. This is served with heaping helpings of ketchup and is always extremely burnt.

Never has adulthood tasted so sweet.

Joe Anderson

Last week, I made home-made egg nog. I then proceeded to get horrible diarrhea. So pretty much anything that isn’t home-made nog.

Dominick Mayer

Hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps. Simple, yes, but it’s the ultimate merger of a thing I had for Christmas every year as a little kid with the ultimate weapon for handling pretty much any holiday in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.