You Should Go See: The Greatest Cover-Up on Saturday

The Greatest Cover Up

One thing that’s awesome about Halloween (other than free candy and dressing up in cool costumes) are the shows that happen around this time. Seeing a band you love play as a band that you also love is such a fun experience. Some of our favorite Chicago bands are performing this weekend at the Beat Kitchen on Saturday, October 22, covering the works of some awesome bands such as Saves the Day, Cursive, and Morrissey.

Doors open at 7 pm, and if you purchase tickets through Betta Promotions Fanfound page today you can get them for $6! Otherwise tickets are $10. See who is playing the show below:

Old Soul Company as Avett Brothers  11-11:20
Magic Milk as The Rolling Stones 10:25-10:45
Droughts as Cursive  9:50-10:10
Carbon Tigers as Pink Floyd   9:15-9:35
Late in the Playoffs as Saves The Day 8:40-9:00
K. Serra (of Automata) as Joni Mitchell 8:05-8:25
Gabe (of Dastardly) as Morrissey  7:30-7:50