Friday’s media round-up

Alison Mosshart

David Carter
– Chuck Klosterman’s book Eating the Dinosaur. It’s a couple years old but good.
JEFF the Brotherhood: an excellent southern punk/rock band
– The Kills lead-singer Alison Mosshart: most attractive quasi-attractive person out there
Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast
– Marc Maron’s interview with Aubrey Plaza on his WTF podcast: Aubrey Plaza had a stroke at age 20!
– Oh yeah, and whatever the fuck this website is

Shelby Shaw
“How do you feel about anarchy?” This is how I find myself lately changing up conversations with friends, and not because of global rioting news. While having its negative attachments (ie, the first definition to come up in my Apple Dictionary includes the phrase “state of disorder”), there are more positive ways to looking at this proposed “ideal” (as it’s described by the second definition in Dictionary). I just spent a train ride reading and rereading A Civilian’s Guide to Direct Action, a newspaper-like starter, courtesy of CrimethInc, for how to do quasi-revolutionary good without necessarily doing it legally or by all regulations’ rules. How to plan an event, properly make wheat paste for postering, who to have on hand if you or your accomplices get arrested at the scene – it’s all laid out in 1, 2, 3 fashion. All you have to do is have a good idea and apply the method as prescribed. A protest, a food drive, an important message you want to get across to the public via tagging the overpass, all of these are examples of direct action. If you’re like me and you’re interested in figuring out what your part may be in testing this scheme of societal obedience, go and get your hands on some information and DIY guides. A lot of it happens to be free!

Dominick Mayer
Ever since I saw Battles at Pitchfork around a month ago, I’ve become re-obsessed with their two albums, particularly their debut Mirrored. Plus, somehow, for all the Little Big Planet I’ve played in the past two years, it didn’t even occur to me that “Atlas” is the background music in the construction world, which is pretty perfect.