Head To Head: Ron Swanson


Today’s Head to Head is bought to you by Crisp, Chicago’s premier Korean barbeque establishment. Crisp, creating the sort of malaise that prevents your favorite debaters from coming up with any better topics than penis jokes for several hours at a clip.

And speaking of food, we figured this week that it would be prudent to pay respect to one of the great eaters in pop culture today: Ron Swanson, one of the highlights of NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Nick Offerman’s indelible comic creation has contributed a sizable chunk of the show’s biggest laughs, and we’re here to pay respect to those.

Dominick Mayer

First of all, that’s one of the best self-referential things I’ve ever heard a TV character utter, up there with everything that came out of The Rock’s mouth during the late-’90s WWF heyday.

My other favorite, by far, just because of its practical value in everyday life:

Joe Anderson

What makes Swanson’s character so great is that the laughs don’t come from the lines themselves. It’s his understated, matter-of-fact delivery.

Also, I love the fact that he’s written as a hardcore Libertarian. It lets him be so ridiculously pro-America without coming anywhere close to cliched redneck territory: