The Suburbs: Dog Debate


This isn’t a debate about getting a dog for our new house. Beth and I already have a dog, and we love it dearly. I never had a dog (or a pet, for that matter) growing up – so I never really got to experience the joy, anger and hilariousness that a dog can bring. Our dog’s name is Panda, and she is a Boston Terrier. What’s that? You want to see her photo? Well, okay…

It’s amazing how Panda can do about nineteen bad things that make me want to give her away to the shadiest looking person I see, and then turn around and do one adorable thing that a dog would do and makes me forget how troublesome she can sometimes be. She is very much apart of the family me and Beth are cooking up. And this love we feel for Panda has created a problem. We don’t know what do with Panda on our wedding day.

If you’ve been keeping up with this ongoing article, you’d know that we are getting married in the backyard of our newly purchased but yet to be moved in house. The backyard wedding fits our personality and gives us the opportunity to bring our family and friends together at the house we will dwell in for quite a while. This is where we are having trouble. Panda is a friend. Panda is family. Panda is also a rambunctious Boston Terrier that will not stay out of anybody’s business. We want her to be there, but we don’t want to spend all day making sure she doesn’t get out of the yard, or is bothering people, or decides to take a poop over by the desert table.

I see both sides. I want Panda to be there, too. And I know Beth really, really wants Panda to be there. I guess a solution would be to lock her in a room all day so she is still around, but that seems cruel to do when she will be hearing so much going on outside. Panda also loves other dogs, so I think boarding her for a day at a dog hotel wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for her. She usually forgets that we exist when another dog is around, anyway. We could put her on a leash outside, but then she would just bark a lot.

We haven’t made a ton of decisions about the wedding yet – and this one seems like it might be one of the toughest ones. What do you think, Internet? Please tell me what you would do in the comments. I would greatly appreciate it.

Note – Sorry for the shorter post, and the fact that there will not be “The Suburbs” next week. My family will be on a roller coaster of emotion for the next week. Sadly, my grandma passed away a few days ago. Happily, my brother is getting married this weekend in the Cayman Islands. Look for “The Suburbs” to return May 24.

  • TokoAsi

    2 Words – Shock Collar

  • jacalyn

    panda is the cutest. dope her up and plop her down.

  • jStreets

    Do you have a dog loving friend that would like Panda as their wedding buddy for the day? I would try to find someone, that wouldn’t be offended, to take care of Panda while observing your ceremony and following foodage time.

  • maybe I’ll just hold Panda while we say our vows.

  • Amy D.

    There are natural treats you can give Panda that will make her sleepy. You could try that? But if she doesn’t eat them then you’re in trouble.

  • Everett Salyer

    Find someone who will give her a nice long walk before the ceremony and will promise to watch her during. I will volunteer because Panda is awesome. And honestly, the quicker you learn that a wedding is all about the bride, the better off you’ll be.

  • Jenny

    I agree with some of the comments here. Yes, find somebody who is a dog lover who would be more than happy to watch you dog at the wedding. Maybe take Panda for a long walk beforehand. That should calm her down a good bit. But yeah, find somebody who would be willing to dog sit at the wedding. Congratulations and I wish you both a long and happy life together.

  • Dominick

    Ring-bearing dog. Or flower dog. Doesn’t matter.

  • Jeff C

    Julie and I will watch her during the wedding…

    That’s a bribe for an invite in case you didn’t notice :) You still trying to keep it a small wedding?