The Hex Dispensers to Play Free Chicago Show


The term “garage rock” gets thrown around a lot by critics and music fans alike. But what does it mean anymore?  When the genre started its resurgence in the early 2000s it signified a raw, stripped-down sound much like the music of its predecessors. Now it seems to be applied to any band that didn’t have the means to make a proper recording of their material.  Bands like the Hex Dispensers truly exemplify the roots of the garage rock movement.  Not only that, they blow those sissy wanna-be garage rockers out of the water with their 2009 album Winchester Mystery House.  The album’s fast-paced rhythm and devil-may-care attitude pushes each track in your face, and it’s hard to ignore.  These guys don’t mess around and their video for “My Love is a Bat” is no exception.  Shot on 16mm, it’s as gritty and untreated as the Hex Dispensers’ music.  Check out the video below:

HEX DISPENSERS – My Love is a Bat (OFFICIAL VID) from Jon on Vimeo.

The Hex Dispensers are playing a free show with King Tuff on Thursday, January 27 at Chicago’s Empty Bottle.  How do you get in?  It’s simple.  RSVP on the Scion A/V Garage page by midnight and you’re on the list.