New Music From MiniBoone


Brooklyn’s own MiniBoone are happy to offer fans and new music lovers a free download of their new single “The Other Summer,” their single off of their upcoming 7″.  If you’re not familiar with MiniBoone, “The Other Summer” is a warranted introduction to the band’s spunky style.   MiniBoone definitely tips their hat to Bruce Springsteen on this track, following the Boss’s penchant for Fender licks and “hell yes America” lyrics.  Upbeat, fresh, and all around fantastic, “The Other Summer” is the perfect song to keep those warm feelings you’re holding for your own summer alive.

MiniBoone will be playing six, count them, six CMJ showcases starting on October 20 at the GigMaven showcase.  Check out additional dates on their MySpace.  You can grab your very own copy of “The Other Summer” here.  MiniBoone’s 7″ comes out this December on Drug Front Records.