“Workaholics” review: “Orgazmo Birth”


Starting today and continuing on Thursdays, Marissa Morales will be covering the fourth season of Workaholics.

Workaholics is consistent, and I appreciate that.

The season opener finds Ders (Anders Holm), Adam (Adam Devine) and Blake (Blake Anderson) jazzed to go to an EDM festival, when Montez (Erik Griffin) invites himself along and volunteers to get tickets if they let him accompany them to the festival so he can get away from his pregnant wife.

While prepping themselves for the festival, Ders decides he wants to be a DJ called DJ Ango, a joke that in print hits immediately. They then procure some Molly from their dealer; Adam explains, “It’s like ecstasy, but not, no one knows how.” For his part, Blake mixes the Molly with strawberry soda and says if he drank the whole thing, “at least I’d die in ecstasy.” PUNS. I LOVE THEM. They show up to Montez looking like a “gay Predator,” only to find out they have to endure a baby shower and distract Montez’s wife Colleen (Alex Borstein) so they can escape with Montez, who has the tickets under his name. So of course, it turns into a baby shower rave.

The punch Blake had made is consumed, and a wonderful montage of Adam dancing and older women topless ensues. Herein lies the beauty of Adam Devine: his incredible talent for physical comedy. He ends up giving a lapdance to Colleen, and her water breaks on his face. His realization of this is truly the highlight of the episode. But because Montez is too off his face to do anything, it is up to our trio to take her to deliver her baby.

After a lot of back and forth in the car, they end up at a gym so Colleen may have her “orgasmic water birth.” They take a fake tour of the facility in order to make it to the Jacuzzi outside, and Colleen begins to direct them on how to make her orgasm, which they of course fail miserably at. Blake even says, “A female orgasm, didn’t they myth bust that?” Bless.

Montez shows up to save the day, Colleen orgasms, she has the baby and Adam falls in the love with “the little prince” that Montez names after the boys: “Yall.” That’s right, he named his baby Yall.

All in all, the episode stays true to Workaholics’ format and I’m thankful. Though there was no Jillian in this episode, I have faith she’ll be in the next one. What really makes the show work is its lack of a straight man without being over-the-top about it. While each character has his moments of clarity, it sticks to being funny.

Here’s to another solid season, gents.