Monday Morning Roundtable: Super Bowl


This week, the Heave staff was asked:

How’d you spend your Super Bowl Sunday?

Calhoun Kersten

Jello shots and vodka gummy bears. Oh, and I think the TV was on too.

Quinn McGee

Sang along to Beyonce songs in an old-timey radio voice during the halftime show. It was like they put on the wrong version of the song for her to lip-sync along to, so she just narrated the show like she was at the Kentucky Derby. It was better that way.

Jonathan Mondragon

Eating take-out and watching Game of Thrones.

Ben Kessell

This or this.

Josh Watkins

The stomach flu. It was Super Bowl? Who won?

Shelby Shaw

What is Super Bowl Sunday?

Adam Cowden

Drinking beer, eating cookies and having my head exploded by Beyonce.

Michael Alexander

Sipping on Heineken, eating chips and dip and slamming hot wings as me and my sister made inappropriate jokes about Stevie Wonder’s creepy-ass Bud Light commercials.

Dominick Mayer

I mean, Beyonce. Holy shit, that halftime show. Destiny’s Child, no microphones for you.

That said, I was also getting hype as hell about Ray Lewis getting his second ring in his last game. The Ravens are my AFC team, so it was nice to see that happen. I also took a power outage as an invitation to crack a 40, which shook out poorly when I had to then ride the Metra at 6 a.m. the morning after.

Also, that Fast & Furious 6 trailer. Terrible title, but I don’t even care because FUCKING CARS RIPPING THROUGH AIRPLANES:

Meghan Bongartz

I don’t think I’m going to surprise anyone when I say that I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, and didn’t even know that it was this weekend until a customer wished me a happy Super Bowl weekend over the phone Friday. So, I cleaned my apartment, watched old Buffy episodes and the new Top Gear, worked on job applications and ate homemade pizza. It was actually really great.