Monday Morning Roundtable: NHL


This week, the Heave staff was asked:

The NHL lockout is finally over! What’s one change you’d like to see made to the way professional hockey is played?

Mike Stern

I miss the puck with the sensors that helped you track it onscreen by leaving a trail behind. I know the purists hated it, but much like the computer-generated yellow line in football has been a huge improvement, being able to follow the puck more easily would make the sport much more enjoyable for the casual fan to watch.

Quinn McGee

I would like to see professional mens’ soccer players go up against a pro hockey team. It would be great to show them what real injuries look like. I won’t call out womens’ soccer, because those ladies are hardcore.

Tom Harrison

For too long, hockey has been hamstrung by the ridiculous tradition of wearing “skates” on the ice. Such mollycoddling handicaps rob the game of the depth and elegance that can only come with a sport where dudes try to run on ice for an hour.

Josh Watkins

No more sticks. Just two teams, lead pipes and no refs.

Benjamin Kessell

Three things: more armor, bigger sticks, puck is now solid steel. YOU’RE WELCOME, AMERICA.

Cory Clifford


Dominick Mayer

I mean, since apparently “profit-sharing plan that doesn’t involve the players losing 7% of league profits” wasn’t in the cards, I’ll go with adding the sort of games between each period that you see at most minor-league sporting events. As a man who once donned a sumo suit and engaged in battle between the third and fourth innings of a Joliet Jackhammers game, I feel qualified to say that it really adds to the overall experience.

Meghan Bongartz

My good friend Rachel was really excited about answering this for me, and says she would like to see stricter reinforcement of current safety rules, especially regarding charging. I don’t follow professional hockey.