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Autumn is about the temperatures cooling, the leaves changing, future college drop-outs heading off to campus for the first and last time, and, most importantly, game release schedules going from trickle to deluge. This week is still pretty light, but at least there ARE new games to play, including a few new entries in long-running series and a game version of a nine-year old movie about to hit theaters with a 3D re-release. This Friday also sees the next Resident Evil flick hit theaters, but I’ll talk more about that in Bit Slap. On to the games!

NBA Baller Beats (Xbox 360)

Basketball + Kinect support = looking exactly like NBA great Larry Bird. He still plays basketball, right? Unless it’s NBA Jam, I’m not even going to attempt to know anything about basketball games soooo, let’s move along.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Xbox 360, PS3)

The original Tekken Tag still remains one of my favorite fighting games of all time (Hwoarang FTW!) so I have a soft spot for this release. It also makes me miss arcades, seeing as how I never had a chance to check out the game before the home release. Ah well, can never really go back, can we?

NHL 13 (Xbox 360, PS3)

Don’t tell anyone, but I own the past ¬†five iterations of the NHL series. I’m not very good at them, I don’t play ’em all that often, but hockey is the one sport I actually enjoy watching. It’s only natural I’d give playing it a go, at least from the safety of my couch. Since I’m not a huge online player, I get the most enjoyment out of the game when I can convince someone to plop down next to me for a few periods.

Fractured Soul: Deep Void (3DS)

A hybrid of platformer and side-scrolling shooter, Deep Void hasn’t really been on my radar, but after checking out a few previews I am intrigued. The game uses both screens for the gameplay so you’re constantly switching between two on-screen avatars. Reminds me a bit of The World Ends With You and that’s always a good thing.

Finding Nemo: Escape to the Big Blue Special Edition (3DS, DS)

I am trying to keep in a really big sigh, but it’s fighting its way out. To be honest, I’m psyched for the re-release of the movie, more to just see Finding Nemo on the big screen again. I was the same way with Lion King 3D. I sort of wish they re-released the old SNES Lion King game to coincide with that movie. Meh, pass on the game and have some extra money for pretzel bites at the theater. That’s my plan.