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I think game companies know that summer means people are generally not sitting at home in front of a television (yeah, I know you’re the exception) and are actually out and about. This means that handheld games get to shine! This week the king of all portable gaming franchises grants us with a side entry into the series while Batman learns he isn’t actually super and a very expensive game gets a much less expensive follow-up.

Pokemon Conquest (DS)
Pokemon are going feudal! Based on actual events, this Poke-spinoff has our lovable little monsters fighting in ancient Japan. Battles are set up to be more akin to a strategy RPG, which you know makes me want this game even more. Until Black and White 2 comes out, this is your best bet to look like a super creeper on the bus when someone looks over your shoulder and sees you playing Pokemon…

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (EVERYTHING)
Let’s take a brief moment to think this title through. Batman, but DC Super Heroes. Maybe it should be Batman AND DC Super Heroes? I dunno, but I played the demo on 3DS and it is a classic LEGO game but with actual voice acting. Not breaking much new ground, but these games are always super (hero!) fun co-op.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor (X360)
Remember how the original Steel Battalion had that special controller with 76-ish buttons and cost a fortune because it was supposed to be a lesson on the true cost of mech combat in the future which set back that development of real world Gundams by 75 years? Well this one uses the Kinect instead. Talk about taking a different approach. I still kinda want it though.

Brave (X360, DS, PS3, Wii)
Pixar continues to push this “Redheads are people too” agenda with the game adaptation of the film which looks really neat. Sooo how about we all just ignore the game and see the movie instead? I’ll spring for pretzel bites!

Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 (X360, PS3)
HAHAHAHAH, nerds! Just kidding, I’m downloading this. Blue Deck Forever!