Monday Afternoon Roundtable: Science!


This week, the Heave staff was asked:

Now that Felix Baumgartner has base-jumped out of space, what should be science’s next major breakthrough?

Joe Anderson

Base-jumping from space is cool and all, but let’s be real: jumping from Earth to space would be way cooler.

Cory Clifford

Felix Baumgartner’s Pro Sky-Diver! But seriously, I think it’d be great to see a mind-blowing discovery from Curiosity. (Also, Felix Baumgartner’s Pro Sky-Diver should feature Tony Hawk as a playable character.)

Quinn McGee

Being a science major, I feel like the next discovery should be something everyone has on their minds right now. And that is the effect of zero gravity on cake.

Seetha Sankaranarayan

I’m still holding out for some Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century-type ish to go down. As I recall, the movie is set in 2049, which gives me plenty of time to birth an errant child who’ll befriend a pop star and help him perform in space. Hopefully the puking-on-stage trend is over by then.

Shelby Shaw

Pulling out my green thumb here, I’m looking forward to the day we can turn all trash into a completely sterile, biodegradable MiracleGro compost that can act as a multi-vitamin on organic steroids for plants, and maybe we can then replenish much of the flora (and fauna) lost over the decades/centuries. However, this would probably only be a truly great scientific feat if “we” as humans actually learned a lesson about our limited space and resources on Earth. Otherwise, the greediness would get a little disgusting and science could probably not keep up. Maybe all we need are just some time machines already.

Meghan Bongartz

Apparently I’ve been living under a rock for the past week, because I didn’t know anything about this and had to look it up. That doesn’t matter, though, because the only appropriate answer to the question of what science should do next is to go forward with Newt Gingrich’s moon colony idea. Aside from the part where the colony was going to be the 51st state, I really don’t think the moon base thing isĀ that inconceivable.

Dominick Mayer

Hoverboards. That aside, I’d really like to see those glasses from They Live become real, but not to tell everyone how shitty commercialism is, because everyone already a) knows, b) doesn’t care or c) both. I’d like to see it for people, so there’d be an identifiable way apart from a North Face jacket to know when someone is kind of an asshat.