Rambling Dispatches: Robert Pattinson

robert pattinson

Let me preface this whole rant by saying that I never followed the Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart relationship in any real way. I have seen things in the news from time to time, but I didn’t stalk the duo or ever refer to them by some stupid mashup nickname, a trend that seems so fashionable now. That said, when I heard about the whole relationship starting, I thought it was a bad idea solely based on the performances they gave in the Twilight movies. Let’s be honest, these two people come off pretty dull and lifeless even outside of the Twilight movies, so when I found out they were dating, I was surprised just because I honestly thought they never learned how to smile.

This rant isn’t about how I thought they were never going to succeed, though, and I’m not here to gloat about being right. I’m here to talk about how slanted the reporting of this whole thing has been. I have a few issues with the media surrounding this breakup. I feel the only thing they are getting right is that a majority of what I hear is about how Pattinson is a great guy. He was, despite what you might have thought or what you might like to think. He was anti-cheating, a Hollywood guy who was anti-cheating with a fanbase comprised of legal women of 18-to-40-year-old cougars.

Based on how Hollywood guys are portrayed in the media, that should have been a damned powder keg for any guy working in the industry with a pulse, but the guy was faithful. I heard that Stewart was jealous of his relationship (friendly, mind you) with Emilie de Ravin from the movie Remember Me, jealous of a friendship that had no evidence of sexual indiscretion. And I heard some trying to justify Stewart’s later actions with it.   There are people out there who are just trying to make her seem like a confused person or upset and that’s why she did what she did. I’m sorry, but that’s bullshit. She ruined a marriage.

She wasn’t the only one who cheated. Right now, say the name of the wife of director Rupert Sanders. You can’t? I had to look it up while writing this article, and her name is Liberty Ross. I had to Google the director to get to the wife. The horrible thing is that the media has let this man almost off the hook, because he is not an actor. The guy did something more unspeakable than Stewart did, and he got almost no backlash. The guy broke a marriage vow. Where’s the headline of “Famous Director Screws His Wife Over For a Woman Who Cannot Smile”? Who reading about their affair knew that the guy had two kids? I had to Wikipedia Sanders to even figure that out, because there is less still about the children.

This guy goes and blows up a marriage and it gets swept under a rug because he isn’t as famous as the actress? Talk about priorities. I already had my doubts about the director, considering how he ruined Snow White and the Huntsman with his casting. How can you cast Kristen Stewart as Snow White? She is supposed to be the fairest woman of them all, right? And he made Charlize Theron look probably the most attractive I have ever seen her in a movie. How is Kristen Stewart supposed to compare? That alone called his decision making into question. (Sorry for the tangent, but I really don’t like Kristen Stewart in any of the roles she has handled.)

The moral of this rant is this: the media does a horrible job of looking at things of legitimate importance. They are, of course, the farthest from objective, and I have not forgotten that. The matter still stands though; more people were hurt in this affair than just poor confused Kristen Stewart. And this story changed me. I went from someone who really didn’t care about either of these two, to someone who is completely Team Edward. I think most of America is Team Edward now, whether you hate the Twilight films or not. I just wish that it was more widely known that there is also a loving wife and most likely two very confused kids at home wondering what went wrong.