Monday Morning Roundtable: Next superheroes, please


This week, the Heave staff was asked:

What’s the next superhero story that should get the screen treatment? (Those in development already don’t count.)

Mike Stern

I think it’s time for the Flash to get his own movie. With advances in movie making technology, I think illustrating his super-speed world could finally be done in an interesting and not overly-cartoonish way.

Amy Dittmeier

Dr. Strange, hands down. Marvel and DC (with the exception of Constantine-never forget) haven’t played up their magic-based characters yet, and who would be better than the most majicked man of them all? Strange begins with the same arrogance as Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne, and evolves into an all-power master of magic protecting others from the evils of the other planes. Imagine all the cool lasers that they would put into it!!

Or I’d settle for a teen drama in the vein of Gossip Girl based on Wolverine & the X-Men. Headmaster Logan, BEHAVE.

Marissa Morales

I think it would be really awesome (since Wolverine got his origins movie) if they could do an entire film about Phoenix from the X-Men universe. I realize that most of us are X-Mened out and it hasn’t been that long, but I fucking love the Phoenix story arcs. I think it could make for a good movie.

Quinn McGee

Seriously, I would like to see an origin movie about Gambit. He is such a rogue character and almost anti-heroic that it would be refreshing to see. Finally, a movie not all about a shining good guy. And he throws cards, come on…that’s awesome.

Johnny Coconate

There are a lot, but Doom Patrol, Deadman and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac are my top three. Oh, and the Justice Friends. That’ll probably get a movie before Justice League.

Cory Clifford

I still can’t believe there hasn’t been a Hollywood production of The Tick! That movie would be terrific, and would really be the perfect spoof of how popular superhero movies are nowadays (no offense to 2008’s Superhero Movie).

(Editor’s note: This should be co-signed by all of you, right before you go back and watch the fantastic, short-lived Fox live-action series of The Tick as well.)

Calhoun Kersten

I’d love to see The Boys adapted for the big screen. I’d like to see darker comic book fare (and a more satirical bent never hurts), and The Boys has that perfect pitch-black humor.

Dominick Mayer

Since I refuse to acknowledge that the first two Punisher movies exist, I’d love to see just one rendition of Frank Castle that’s actually worthwhile and at no point prominently features Newman from Seinfeld. Otherwise, I’d genuinely love to see Black Panther get the big screen treatment. Depending on the arc, a filmmaker could either take T’Challa in the direction of neo-blaxploitation or very serious territory, and given that social messages are in vogue for comic adaptations at the moment, what better than one of the most consistently politicized Marvel characters?

  • MMonroe

    Gambit has been in a movie, half the movies nowadays have heroes that aren’t squeaky clean, and his mutant power isn’t just throwing cards. We get it, you watched the cartoon. Also, there are three Punisher movies. And what Phoenix arcs do you speak of? Aside from The Dark Phoenix saga, the force has acted as a Deus Ex Machina. Also, Dr. Strange is in development. Do any of you people actually know what you’re talking about?