Listless: The non-Doctor Tennant


Not so-secret confession: I love Doctor Who. When I was unemployed three summers ago I watched the entire new series in two months, gasping and crying and falling in love with the Doctor. As much as I enjoyed Christopher Eccleston as 9, it was David Tennant as 10 that kept me going. My love for his acting and eccentric style made me want to learn more about him, and that summer became known as (only to me) the Summer of Tennant. However a lot of Who fans aren’t as strange as I am and don’t spend 10 hours trying to find everything the man has ever been in. So I give you…

The non-Doctor Who roles of David Tennant


No, this isn’t the awful Heath Ledger film from 2005, although this BBC TV serial was released the same year as the movie. Tennant plays the titular lothario Giacomo Casanova, with Peter O’Toole playing his aged counterpart retelling his life in Venice. Russel T. Davies, the head writer for the new Who until season five, wrote the serial and has his signature wit and style all over it. Young Casanova’s asides to the camera are hilarious, the colors and costumes are bright, and Tennant is seducing everything he can.

Suitable for: Men and women in love with the Doctor but know he’s too cool to settle down (well not really…there is River….well, oh you know).

Glorious 39

David Tennant’s role is rather small in this film but his character’s impact influences the entire film. Glorious 39 follows Anne as she unfolds a secret pro-appeasement movement during the months following up to the British involvement in WWII. Tennant’s character Hector is an outspoken member of Parliament that thinks Britain’s lack of action against the Nazi party is deplorable, and when he’s found dead it sets Anne off into a mystery she probably shouldn’t have stuck her nose in to. Though he’s barely in the film, he wears that classic 40s suit well.

Suitable for: Fans of the serious, impassioned speech-giving moments of Doctor Who.

Much Ado About Nothing

It truly makes me sad that I can’t see Tennant and Catherine Tate (that’s Donna to you Whovians) in this modern retelling of Much Ado About Nothing. All the reviews I’ve read are fantastic, all the clips I’ve seen or heard make me want to fly to the UK and buy a ticket now. There’s something about the way that David Tennant does Shakespeare that draws you in…I’m guessing it’s his natural Scottish accent.

Suitable for: People who want to see the classically trained Tennant get his Shakespeare on.


Known as Viva Blackpool for some reason in the US, Blackpool is one part detective drama and one part musical. And it’s way over the top. Tennant plays a detective investigating a murder that he thinks was committed by a casino owner Ripley (played by David Morrisey, another Who alum). It’s very quirky and strange, but you cannot stop watching. Plus, David Tennant singing.

Suitable for: People who like the goofy Doctor.