5 Reasons to keep/stop watching Community


The following lists were written by Johnny Coconate and several different versions from other timelines. So if you disagree with something, it’s from another timeline. If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, then leave. Right now, this isn’t for you. No, this isn’t about Facebook timeline, get out! All right, so this is it?

5 Reasons to keep watching Community

1. What else are you going to watch on broadcast television? And I should also add “that is a scripted sitcom?” Besides Parks and Recreation? I thought so.
2. Weirdness is what makes the show (they won’t change it). NBC doesn’t believe in mainstream comedies. That’s why they’ve allowed 30 Rock to stay on the air, blerg! Community will still be weird. That’s why you watch isn’t it?
3. The study group. With or without Chevy Chase this is still one hell of a cast. Not to mention the supporting characters.
4. POP POP! That is all.
5. The special episodes. A clay animation episode and an 8-bit episode. Hell they devoted an entire episode to playing Dungeons & Dragons. Oh and the paintball and pillow-fort episodes. What other show has these kinds of themed episodes?

5 Reasons to stop watching (or let’s face it, never start watching at all)

1. The show cannot survive without Dan Harmon. He was the show as many have said. Without his direction, NBC can steer this ship into Fail-Rock where Up All Night has been docked since the beginning (I feel so bad for that cast. Having to work on that show after their previous line of work? Ouch).
2. Weirdness is bad and killed the show (they will change it). NBC is in need of a show that could get viewers. Weird shows never get viewers. Just look at The Walking Dead…wait it owns the record for most watched episode of a drama in the history of basic cable? That’s weird. If weirdness didn’t kill the show then what did oh yeah putting it up against The Big Bang Theory at 7. Community would have been better served at 8:30 or later (it’s not like any dramas at 9 worked; three canceled drama shows at that time slot in a year). Community isn’t a 7 time slot kind of show and yet NBC is hell-bent on making it one. Which is weird.
3. The study group. Ashton Kutcher will replace everyone. Probably.
4. POP POP? This in-joke shit you get from being a loyal viewer is stupid. I should be able to watch every now and then and understand everything because nothing ever changes and characters never grow, just like real life. The show has gotten weirder and that has turned people off. Fine, it’s not for you. But to say you hate the show for being complex and don’t understand it, that I have a problem with. They’ll say “it doesn’t make sense anymore, its like on Lost when the island was traveling back in time”-shut your fucking mouth. If you’re too stupid to get it than you can watch some mind-numbing simple comedies that are about as funny as diabetes (like The Middle).
5. Special episodes. Happen every so often and end up on the highlight reel in that they’re the only episodes some people have seen. Plus, these episodes make the show weirder and the weirder you are the more you get picked on. Which is why NBC wants to kill Community so badly; they haven’t seen Bully yet. Now we’ll never get a Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline where it’s Good Study Group versus Evil timeline Study Group. Damn it all to hell!

Here are a couple haikus on the matter as well:

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