Mount Eerie’s ‘Clear Moon’ can confuse, calm all at once


Clear Moon

Mount Eerie

Release Date: May 22, 12

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If one thing is to be said about the sound of Phil Elverum and his band Mount Eerie, it is that the music definitely has texture.  It’s palatable.  You can really feel the music.  This probably makes me sound like a total hippie, but it really is true.  Over the past eight years, Mount Eerie has really developed in sound but the most notable change has come between Wind’s Poem in 2009 and this years release of Clear Moon.

The number one difference between the albums?  Quality.  Mount Eerie has been known for sounding exactly as his name possesses.  Creepy, lo-fi sound quality to emphasize the music.  On Clear Moon, this may definitely be his most polished sounding album.  This does not necessarily take away from the songs.  In fact, the first song “Through The Trees Pt. 2,” allows you to see Mount Eerie in a light you previously didn’t expect to.  The song is primarily acoustic with few ambient noises in the background, and actually allow his vocals to take the foreground and shine.  The following track, “The Place Lives,” heads back in the direction of the Mount Eerie that has come to be associated with.  Ambient noise, lo-fi drums, and vocals and blend in with the rest of the music.

The entire album has a balance between this new songwriter showcase and the elemental noise.  The music that you can touch.  It’s gritty, yet calming, which is something that seems to confuse your senses yet calm you all at once.  Ambient is a perfect way to describe Phil Elverum and Mount Eerie, so as opposed to say that this album is “chill, bro,” I will go ahead and say that it is tranquil and serene.  The feedback surrounds you and just calms you.  End hippie talk, start enjoying this album.