In Case You Missed It: V.O.Y.

fucked up

That acronym that I totally just made up stands in place for Video of the Year. You know, as in music video/that thing fewer and fewer people care about at present/that thing Kanye used to troll on a bunch of epileptics. It’s a dying art, the music video, but occasionally bands come along and blow minds with their use of the medium. Case in point: Fucked Up’s video for “Queen of Hearts,” the first single off their new album David Comes To Life. Disclosure: A big part of why this week’s Missed It is about one band’s video is that I adore both this song and the album as a whole. Like, if I could, I would take it out behind the local Old Navy and get it pregnant.

But I digress. Though the intro alludes vaguely to the concept-album conceit of David, the awesome part comes in when Damien Abraham’s vocals can’t be heard for a good chunk of the video, over a chorus of angry young men bellowing them. Given the loved-and-lost narrative that “Queen of Hearts” introduces, it’s a remarkably appropriate bit of musical manipulation. Behold, the video that likely won’t be topped this year:

  • Chriso

    It’s no “Yonkers.”